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Monday to Friday: 7:00am-5:00pm

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Available locations 

  • Etobicke

  • Northyork

  • Vaughan

  • Brampton

  • Toronto

  • Mississauga

  • Oakville

  • Milton

  • Scarborough

  • Markham.


Deliveries within Toronto and surrounding areas

Courier your way.

You can have your delivery same day, next day or Ugent. We deliver parcels locally in Toronto and surrounding areas, so when you call we schedule a pick up and head straight to the address you want your packages delivered to. The packages are safe and secure.


Assured parcel


The package delivery take no more than a hour to be deliver depends on location and traffic.



We keep our truck doors lock when we step out the truck. Drivers rarely leave truck but if we do it is stressed the doors to be locked.

When packages are deliver to the address pictures are took and a text message saying package delivered.

Do you need courier services....

We do courier services for businesses and residential


How does it work

we take up to 5 boxes to each location without charging you extra. if you want 5 boxes and less delivered we will charge you the flat rate.

Who is your customers

Our customers are everyone anybody who needs to deliver items in the gta and surrounding area. We mostly work with businesses. 

What can I deliver and what can I not

You can deliver almost anything letters ,car parts and house hold items. what you can't deliver is drugs and any hazardous chemicals.  

How big can the box be I want to deliver

The package has to be small enough for one man to lift and weight not over 120lbs. We have equipment like dollies to save our employees backs and to carry boxes safely.